At Diverso, we are extensively experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of architectural features, with our feature staircases being a source of particular pride. 


  • Commercial or Residential staircases. 

  • Helical, Spiral, Cantilevered, Floating, Suspended, Straight, Curved.

  • Glass, Aluminium, Steel, Timber mediums all available. 

  • Timber/Leather/stainless steel/brass handrails.

  • Bespoke designs to open up space, provide a focal point and for visual impact within the property.

  • Integration of logos, designs and patterns for an extra unique touch.

  • Designs to maximise space and light - including the diverso wow factor.

  • Building regulations and structural calculations undertaken for safety and installation.  

  • New installss & replacement staircases undertaken. 

A staircase is often one of the initial features that visitors and clients see when entering the building, it can often be a focal point and is the part of the building that nearly everyone will use.  Making this inviting and welcoming for all can often be key to the first impressions given by your business.  We, therefore, realize that the style that is chosen gives an outstanding first impression and perception of the company.

The staircase design needs to be taken into consideration depending on the business and public use of the space, to achieve a successful design, legislative requirements and potentially relevant materials to the company…all of these aspects are taken care of by Diverso…bringing professional style to any environment.

All of our commercial staircases are bespoke made.  These can be produced in a huge range of materials with each individual element being crafted specifically for your staircase.  We can also integrate company logos or colors as part of the design to give it an even more unique touch. We can work in all mediums to achieve the look that best suits your company, with glass, steel, stainless steel, and wood being some of the most popular options. 

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