At Diverso, we are extensively experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of structural glazing to homes, offices, retail and stately homes.


  • Offers clean visual appearance to original surrounding structure.

  • Designed, calculated , manufactured and installed.

  • Available with oversized panels.

  • Shaped for all situations.

  • Used often on Listed or Stately Homes, including Chatsworth House - Derbyshire.



With the staircase predominantly being the main focal point of the home and entrance hall, a beautifully designed, extraordinary staircase can really make your home stand out and set it apart from the rest. It is becoming an increasingly popular feature within the home that people are looking to create a stylish, visual impact with.

Diverso’s bespoke designed staircases are tailor-made to suit your home and all your family’s needs to give you both a stunning yet functional feature within your home. Such design choices as a curved, glazed, spiral, cantilever, suspended and open plan is just a few options to consider.

Getting the right look within the home can be complex as there are many questions to take into consideration, such as space, function, materials to work with, practicality, and personal taste. We here at Diverso can help with all aspects of this vision to assist in answering all of those questions as well as the planning and building control aspects of the project.

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